The Geelong Rifle Club is based at the Anakie East Rifle Range Our club uses electronic targets at long ranges from 300 to 900 Metres. We are predominately an F-Class club with some Target Rifle shooters. All shooting is conducted inside an air conditioned shooting facility, making shooting possible in most weather conditions.

Shooting Commences at approximately 1pm Most Saturdays,
but it is advisable to make prior arrangements with club staff.

Visitors and Newcomers are always welcome
(please ring at-least a few days in advance to let us know your coming)

Our club actively encourages people to come and try our sport in safe conditions within a friendly and welcoming environment. The club has rifles and equipment available for supervised use by new members & first time shooters. We also offer coaching by accredited coaches

Sighting-In facilities for hunting/sporting rifles are available and we can provide rim-fire practice targets on request

Payment is strictly Cash-only, NO EFTPOS facilities available.

All shooting is conducted under the watchful eye of accredited safety officers and strict safety rules apply. Our sport has a safety record which is second to none!

Please Note:
We do not shoot on days of Total Fireban for safety reasons.
No calibre greater than 7.62x51mm  (.308win) can be used at our range.
No Cash, Firearms or Ammunition is kept on premises.